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Ceramic Pro @ Southend Graphics

Unique Coating System for All Surfaces

Ceramic Pro

Before we do the Ceramic Pro we have to discuss your surface we are going to be coating.

Paint Correction and Detailing

Paint Work
-(DOES NOT APPLY TO EVERY VEHICLE) dissembling of the vehicle to perform a seamless finish. Emblems(by request only for replacement or reinstalling), moldings, door handles, taillights, mud flaps, will be removed
-Paintwork deep cleansed, clayed and a full set of paint thickness readings taken. A two to three stage machine polish using a combination of aggressive to medium and ultra fine polishes.
-deep scratches isolated and sanded if need to be for complete removal or reduced significantly
-vehicle to be washed once more to remove any dusting and compound build in any cracks and crevices
-paintwork dried and then polished to the highest gloss level possible to refine paintwork as the compounded stage will leave the finish a little hazy and micro marred from the aggressive compound
-paintwork wiped down using an alcohol mixture to ensure coatings form a perfect bond with your car’s paintwork.

So once we have the paint in the perfect polished condition, now its time for the good stuff. CERAMIC PRO!

Ceramic Pro’s professional product line has been created by the global technology leader Nanoshine LTD (Taiwan). At its core is a unique ceramic molecular compounds (nanoceramics) forming solid coatings.

Ceramic Pro ensures unmatched possibilities for preservation of surfaces of cars, sailboats, boats, aircrafts, construction and industrial objects, garments, accessories, etc. It guarantees an ideal appearance and protection of any surface.